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Image by Ilona Kovalkova

What's a Cannabis Wedding?

A cannabis wedding is a type of wedding ceremony or celebration where cannabis is used as part of the festivities. This can include incorporating cannabis-infused food and drinks, or providing cannabis-related gifts and favors to guests. It can also include activities such as cannabis-themed games, or having a designated smoking or vaping area. It’s important to note that the use of cannabis at a wedding should be done responsibly and within the confines of the law.

Our most requested product for weddings is our Rose Quartz paired with the Rosetta Stone cultivar. This is a cross between Jack Herer and P75.

Rose quartz is believed to be a powerful crystal for love because it is believed to promote love, peace, and harmony. It is said to bring feelings of self-love, acceptance and compassion, which can be beneficial for relationships. It is also thought to be calming and soothing, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety in relationships. Furthermore, it is believed to be a stone of unconditional love, which can help to bring a deeper and more meaningful connection with others.

Having cannabis at your wedding can be a great way to create a unique experience for you and your guests. Not only does cannabis provide many physical and mental health benefits, it can also help to create a relaxed and laid back atmosphere at your event. Additionally, cannabis can be a fun addition to wedding activities like photo booths and games. Ultimately, the decision to have cannabis at your wedding is up to you, but it could be a fun way to add a special touch to your big day.


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